Loud & Soft (remastered)

by The Wishing Machine



This song is the soundtrack of our newest video directed by Nono La Mine that you can find here : ow.ly/VHCV5

We recorded it in the beginning of 2015 and it is the first song of a new cycle for the band, with our next songs "Sanity Kills" and "Name It", it's the new sound of the wishing Machine.

So to celebrate the release of the video we decided to re-master the track and make it available to you for free.


Hearing the heartbeats
Echoing in myself
Turning the rhythm
Into a weapon of Death
Pushing the blade deep
Into your chest and ohlala

You could've run far
When you saw my silhouette
Came closer to me
To light up my cigarette
Falling in the trap
And my heart racing no no no

Tell me now who's playing
This game of foolish victims
Moved by our hearts stomping
Loud and soft
Tell me now who's pulling
The strings tied to each others
Puppets on a stage of déjà-vu

Fighting helplessly
In these quick sands
The silver plunges deep
Into what was left of sense
Another drama taking place
In the center of my melting heart

I will defeat you
And reign over your body
You will defeat me
Dancing over your trophy
Feeling the tempo
Dragging us to hell baby ohlala


released December 11, 2015
The K : Keyboards, guitar and programmations.
Sophie Boss : Vocals and lyrics



all rights reserved


The Wishing Machine Paris, France

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